10 Signs You’re an Entrepreneur

Some people believe that they are born to be entrepreneurs and business is in their blood. From a very young age, they exhibit certain qualities that enable them to become the business tycoons in their future. Therefore in this article, I will explore some indications that will prove that you have the zeal of entrepreneurship running in your veins. If you have any of the following indications, it could be signs you’re an entrepreneur! 

  1. You see opportunities everywhere:

A business minded individual tends to see opportunities and possibilities even in the darkest places. They can even find a possibility of a business venture in a mere trash can. So, if you are able to find a business clue in the most hopeless situations then it is a clear indication that you live nad breathe business. If you really see opportunities anywhere, make sure to contact me on my opportunity page!

  1. You like to scratch your itch and solve problems:

Whenever you perceive a something wrong in a given situation you immediately realize that it’s your responsibility to set things right. The motive is not only to get a personal gratification in solving the root of the problem but it is also for the betterment of the people. Most businesses lay out their strategies with “What if”. This implies that by deciding on a certain option, they are keeping in mind all the possible outcomes. In this way they are prepared to solve the problems that come in their way.

  1. You look at something and immediately think of how to turn it into a business:

Even the simple and petty idea can turn in to a successful profitable business if the right strategies are catered towards it. Once your ideas get a weight of productive guidance, then there will be no limit to which your business could prosper.

  1. You used to sell stuff as a child:

If you look at the life accounts of the most successful entrepreneurs in history and present you will see that were vendors in childhood as well. They might have carried a successful bake sale or sold lemonades out in their neighborhoods or might have hold a garage sale. Because these habits were instilled in them from the very young age, entrepreneurship, for them, in their professional life was no big deal.


  1. You think in terms of investments: Time and money:

If time is money for you and you cannot afford a moment to waste at the hands of your lazy slumping on a recliner sofa then be glad that you are entrepreneur to the core. Moreover, if you attend a certain event and if the questions such as, “how much the event cost?”, “how much time it took? Arise in your mind then surely sheer entrepreneur ship is reflected from you.

  1. You assess other people for leadership qualities:

For a prosperous business venture, you need the right expertise to gear it towards the road to success. Once you understand the need of the flexible labor force that is skilled in taking major critical decisions on the right time, then you are the true entrepreneur.

  1. You love to talk about other people’s success:

If you see yourself not being jealous about other’s accomplishments and rather take inspiration from them, then you are surely the head of a successful business venture. Better yet, when really listening to someone elses’ story, you may even be able to see new opportunities to take on together!

  1. You read biographies of your favorite entrepreneurs:

These biographies do not only present the rosy pictures of success of your business heroes. By looking at the elements of failures in their business experiences you learn a lot and revitalize your business thinking in accordance with the lessons these moguls present through their biographies. The first biography I ever read was a book from Mark H. McCormack and I kept reading it even when I had to sleep.


  1. You are very persistent:

You are a person who doesn’t believe in giving up. Failures will cease to demotivate you. Every time you fall on the ground, you possess enough courage and willpower to compose yourself. With that zeal nothing will shatter your confidence. Every “no” is one answer closer to a “yes”. Read more about failure and succes in this article:Foundation of Success.

  1. You want to make the world a better place:

Every moment of your life, you are always thinking of ways to improve your environment. To you, a business means offering opportunities to people and your surroundings. A very good example of this is Richard Branson. You can read through his books how he’s doing business!


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