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2018 Goals for our Blog

Whether you launch a business or a blog, when you do something, you should want to do it right. And by doing it right, I mean by setting goals for yourself to achieve. When I launched my company, my goal wasn’t to make millions of turnover, my goal was to be different and deliver outstanding services. A result of that goal was millions of turnover. So now we share our goals on our blog with you!

But let’s introduce ourselves first, since this is the first article in where we talk about us! We are Daniëlle and Semir and we’re a happy couple for almost 2 years now. We’re living in The Netherlands, but we would love to see many beautiful places all over the world!

Sharing our goal is exciting, since we’re making ourselves responsible to achieve these goals. If we don’t achieve the goals, we hope you’ll hold us accountable. Because, well, why not? I mean, we create goals because it’s important for us, therefor we should do whatever it takes to get to our goals. It’s the result that counts!

When we started this blog, we knew immediately that we had to work with goals, because else we can’t measure what we’re doing. But, before setting up goals, we have to make clear WHY we start a blog. The reason for us to start a blog is to share our experiences on doing business, creating multiple streams of income and to create passive income ourselves. Although most of the business information will be coming from me, a lot of mental and personal health information comes from Daniëlle, since she’s currently studying Social Work.

With passive income, I can be a house-dad once I have children with Daniëlle and it makes it possible for me to do amazing things of my bucket list. This can all be done while being abroad instead of having to work in an office. For real, I cannot work at an office. It makes me feel like I’m locked in a cage… Daniëlle isn’t much different, she wants to travel a lot. We both love to go places and share beautiful moments together.

What would you do with another $2.000 dollars a month extra income? Would you still stop working? Would you travel more often? Would you save money to give your child the opportunity to study? What would you do, please let us now in the comments! You might inspire us!


#1 Blog goal: Getting to 500.000 pageviews a month!

You may think I’m a dreamer, I think I might be one myself… But you’ve got to dream it to see it and seeing is believing right?! I’m currently working my butt off (literally, since I lost over 6KG’s in fatt mass already), to make sure that before the end of 2018, I have 500.000 pageviews. Also to make a living. Daniëlle is studying her butt off (not for real, she got a beautiful booty!).
But 500.000 pageviews, in total over the next upcoming months? That would be totally possible, but thats not what I meant… Our blog goal is to get 500.000 pageviews in 30 days, before the end of 2018.

Do you want to start a blog and get a full time income out of it? It’s all possible, read the page on How to Start a Blog!


#2 Blog goal: Earning over $2.000 dollars a month!

With my previous company, I made millions of turnover and paid a multiple influencers over $100.000,- USD a month. Now it’s our time to make such money. And we don’t expect it to happen overnight, but we’re both willing to work very hard to reach this goal. If we make $2.000 USD a month before the end of 2018, I will be able to quit my day-job in 2019, because of our hard work and dedication. But for that, I would need more money. I will write an article on when it’s possible for me to quit my day job.

To us it doesn’t matter, yet, how much money we will make with affiliate marketing, advertisements and sales. For now it’s our first blog goal to make the $2.000 USD a month. Later on we’ll will focus on balancing and spreading our online income, since we don’t want to be too dependent on one stream of income.


#3 Blog goal: Launch our first online product.

It would be very awesome if we would be able to launch our first online product. A product in where we can share knowledge and experiences to help you with a lot of information for little money. And we think it would be a win-win situation. You would get a product full of information to start your business and to make extra money, and by buying it, you would support us to realize our dreams.
Let me know in the comment section if you would support us if we would launch an online product.


Read our Step by Step Guide on How to Open a Business!


#4 Blog goal: Do more fun things!

Another really important blog goal to us is to do more fun things. We need to have more fun in life. Due to my current day-job and the time I’m investing in my current company, I’m very focused on my goals. But so is Daniëlle, with her study and internships. The other side of being so focused on our job and study is that we’re not having enough fun in live. We need to go out more, go to events, parties, nice cities we’ve never been too, etc.
So, another blog goal is to do more fun things in life. By having more fun, doing more things outside, we can also get more nice photos, which we will share with you!



You might think these goals are very ambitious, so do we, but then again, it’s better have goals worth fighting for than to have goals you don’t feel passionate for.
Do you have a blog, or do you think of starting a blog, maybe you like to share your blog and your goals in the comments? What is it you really want to achieve?



Best regards,
Daniëlle and Semir







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