Hello and welcome to our business and lifestyle blog! We created this blog in order to help us improve our business and finances, to keep track of our progress due to income reports, and to help readers improve their business and finances along the way. We share these articles, because we think everybody should be able to live the lifestyle they want too.

My name is Semir and I am an entrepreneur since 2010, living in The Netherlands. I’ve been on YouTube myself but also coached and represented hundreds of successful influencers in my previous company. My company made millions of turnover, but due to an unhealthy work-life balance, but then I met Daniëlle! I sold my company in 2017, which left me without any income. But Daniëlle supported me to do so, so we could enjoy more time together!

Through this business and lifestyle blog we’re sharing our experiences on business, health and finances, so you can start a business with little money or start a blog to make money or start living a healthy lifestyle!

If you’re willing to start a blog, I recommend reading our article on How to Start a Blog, in where we explain how to create a blog, but also make money while blogging, for example through affiliate marketing.

A Happy Lifestyle  is a blog which is based on financials, creating more money, building business, entrepreneurship, enjoying good and healthy food, wonderful travels and more about lifestyle. We see so many beautiful pictures on The Gram, but most of us think we cannot enjoy such a lifestyle as “those people” do.

The thing is that we actually can enjoy the life we would like to have.

To live the life you want to live, follow this blog, read carefully what we share with you and don’t forget to just do it. The results do not come with knowledge only, they come from actually doing it.

Best regards,

Semir and Daniëlle


We had so much fun on this gala!





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