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Do You Love Your Mom?

To me, every day is Mother’s Day. Although I don’t show it always, I do truly love my mother to the end of the Universe. I know many of you also love your mother very much. Therefor I think it’s important to appreciate her being an awesome mother, by giving her a great Mother’s Day gift!

I want my mother to get old. Like, really old, so she is able to see me raising my children and to go out with their grandchildren like going to the zoo, etc.
To get my mom old, it’s important I take care of her. Not only do I help her with the groceries and such, but I also like to make sure she’s as healthy as possible. Therefor I make sure she’s using the right products! For example, vegan and BIG10-FREE nailpolish from Zoya. When I saw these, I immediately knew this has to be her Mother’s Day gift!

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