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Foundation of Success

Whenever I thought about success, I used to think about the outcome of something I’ve done. I never thought about the way I got there, the process it took to get that success. I know I’m not the only one who’s focussing on the results in various ways. There was this obsession I had with sales, turnovers, profit and whatsoever! I was getting so focused on results, that those results even started to drop. I focused on the wrong parts of succes…

What I find very interesting is how I was focused on getting results instead of focussing on the process. I wanted to achieve my goals so bad, that I lost focus on the process and quality and started going for quantity. Eventually, as I explained above, the result was that my sales, turnovers and profit were dropping. I noticed this for three months and then I decided that not my process, but I had to make a change.

The hard part in change is that most of the change depends on your effort. When you don’t make a change, most likely no change is going to happen. To make a change, you have to self-reflect on what you’re doing, which may be the hardest part since you will have to be very critical to yourself. I noticed what I have started doing anywhere before those three result-dropping months… I started to focus too much on results instead of the process.

When you want success, you should never focus on the results, the outcome of the process and effort. What you should do is focussing on your activity and skills. You have to give more and while you’re giving more, developing your skills, you’ll get better and better in what you’re doing and results will follow!

Success isn’t the goal, success is failure on failure on failure until you get so skilled, results follow and therefor you reach the goals you made.


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