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How To Balance Private and Business Lifestyle

Just think of your last outing with your family, the last dinner you had with them or the last time you played with your kids. Is it hard to remember the exact date? Does remembering those times eventually made you smile right now? Does all this now appear as a dream to you?

We can understand how difficult it is to run any business, even a small start up. Of course, there are some tasks which you have to assign to your own self. You can’t rely on others or hire people to complete them. But at least you can amend some ways and means to save those extra hours better known as your personal time. We can guarantee you that this will even help you to refresh your mind to a great extend that new and more innovative business ideas will strike your mind and you will fly even higher.

So, we are here with some amazing tips to help you achieve that perfect work life balance and turn your dream into a beautiful everyday reality. Just sit back, tighten your seat belt and read till the end.

Family -Your first love- We can understand that being an entrepreneur, you love your business idea so much. You can work on it day and night and you really don’t feel how time passes by. But just remember, your family and friends are the people who are your first priority. After all one of the reasons for you to work this hard, is providing a lavish life to your family members. Just don’t get too much involved into your work that you tend to forget all this. Just remember money can’t buy all the riches.

Never neglect that fine line- Always remember that there is a fine line between you working hard and working hard at the cost of your family time. Just try to recollect those old pictures in your mind, when you took your children to the park and the smile they wore that day just because they were with you. We are sure that it brought a smile on your face, even now. That can be your everyday schedule but the only thing you need to do is spare time for your family. Outsource those tasks which you can get easily done through freelancers. Release those pile of files which don’t require much of your involvement and can be easily handled by others. Devote that time to your family.

Hire Reliable People– While hiring staff for your company, apart from their educational qualification and work experience just also pay attention on whether those people are too much self centered and over ambitious or they can prove to be a good team leader in the long run. You need some of those people around you who can look after your business in your absence, taking the same pain as you do. This can really help you take some time off from your work and devote that time to your family. We can guarantee you that this will surely help you in getting back to work, filled with new energy and enthusiasm.

Power Booster Trips- Remember those days when you have some outstation business meetings and you don’t have time to go but still you attend them because they are urgent for you. Going out with your friends and family is an entirely different affair. They are the most adventurous and fun trips. You can still enjoy that college trip and bachelorette feelings and can do same adventure. All you need to do is give them space in your calendar. Just take that bold step this month and you are sure to get addicted to these trips. If not every month, then at least once in 3 months you can do this. These trips will help you return back with that surprising enthusiasm to work even more effectively.

Schedule Family Time- If you are unable to take out time from your busy schedule, then just mark some family time in your calendar and note down all your important meetings in that. This will help you in marking all your urgent engagements in time slot other than that you choose to spend with your family. After all, family meeting is also an urgent affair.

Family Dinner- A must have– If you are in your city, then try to enjoy dinner on the dining table with all your people sitting next to you. Don’t just sit besides your laptop and take your dinner alone. It’s hardly a 15-20 minutes affair that you can easily afford it. It will surely fetch you more profit then sharing your dinner with your notebook.

Stress Buster Activities- When you are travelling from one place to another in your car or flight, for some business meeting then keep your favorite stuff such as ear phones, I-pod etc. handy. Don’t let those huge business figures juggle your mind. Rather tune in to your favorite track and enjoy the music. Or you can simply enjoy the road side scenery and connect to your people.

It’s not too hard to maintain that perfect work life balance but often you get too much engaged into your work that you often make this your bad habit, depriving you to achieve a well balanced life. Besides all this, taking adequate sleep and doing some exercise and yoga will also help in achieving that calmness required to work smarter and effectively, so that you can save some time to pamper yourself.  A minute change can do miracles. Follow the above points to wear that perfect and natural smile every day. You deserve to be happy.





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