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How to Earn Money Online

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of big traditional businesses go bankrupt. Therefor, millions of people lose their jobs and are without any income. Without any income, people won’t be able to pay their bills and therefor going broke. It’s time for you to learn how to earn money online!



At this moment we’re in the middle of a pandemic. There were thousands of business are closing, millions of people are losing their job. Because people are losing their job, they are most likely to spend less, therefore, more business get into financial troubles and need to close their doors or even file for bankruptcy. Therefor, more money who lose their jobs and depending on welfare or stimulus checks. We don’t know how long this situation will be, but we will need to get trough this.



In 2018 I’ve watched this show about high enforcement agents repossessing houses from people who couldn’t pay their debts. At that moment I said to Daniëlle that I’ll never expose her to such a situation. “We will always having the money needed to live a financially stress free life.”, I said. Therefor we launched our business together; a business we can do both offline and online. In the beginning we depended solely on our training centre, which people could visit to follow trainings, courses and watch presentations by Daniëlle, my father- and mother-in-law, myself and some of the most experienced entrepreneurs in the field.


But then it happend…


We couldn’t invite people to the training centre anymore due to COVID-19!


It took maybe half a day before we got our training centre up and running for livestreams. We could still present as we used to do, but we didn’t have to have anyone in the building, except for the speakers. People can use a Zoom-link now and they can follow our trainings and presentations. It was at this moment we know we made the right decision, to build a business both offline and online, ready for any possible disaster, such as we experience now.


The sales we made offline, e.g. by attending fairs or putting products into shops, decreased, but we saw our online sales increasing! Postal services will always be working, even during a pandemic, war of whatever kind of disaster. Therefor, people are still able to get the products, no matter where they want to order from. They can order while Daniëlle and I are bingewatching another Netflix show or when we’re walking the dogs.


International Business Day offline



While other companies have to fire people due to financial issues or even bankruptcy, our business grew over 329% since the lockdown we experienced between March and June 2020, compared to exactly the same period in 2019. And even now the business is booming, because people understand the need a second form of income. Another source of income that isn’t depending on their own physical appearance. E.g., when I don’t want to go outside because I don’t feel safe for COVID-19, I can do my business from our training centre, and so can you, because we will keep on doing what we do, and when you join, you can join our infrastructure as well!


Not only can we train you online. The whole business formula is based on offline and online turnover. The webshop is available for the European and USA market, but also available in the following languages: Spanish, French, English, Dutch and German. We are even working on making the website and products available to the Arabic market, starting in the United Arabic Emirates.


Even if the pandemic is going over (I sure hope so!), you’ve got to have a plan B ready for the go for as soon as another economic meltdown will happen (and I bet you it will!).
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