how to use goal setting

How to use: Goal Setting

Only a few people I have met started their business with the goals to make a lot of money. And it might be a very big coincidence, but those people haven’t had a lot of success in their business. They lost customers, they couldn’t keep their employees and eventually they lost their passion and thrive and they quit or went bankrupt. What you need to know, as a successful entrepreneur, is what kind of goals you have to set.

When I started with my business I’ve learned a very valuable lesson… Money is NEVER the goal. You might think: “Wait what?! Money isn’t the goal of a business?!”, which I totally understand, because that was what I thought too! But it’s not. But if money isn’t the goal to build a business, then what is?

When you create a business, you should do this with a goal setting. The reason you’ve started a business might be that you didn’t want to work for a boss anymore, you might want to get more free time, or you’d like to schedule your own time. Whatever the reason may be, there should be a goal to set, so you can measure your success and keep getting inspired to go on. The reason why money shouldn’t be the goal, is because money is just a resource to trade for something. For example, you can trade money for a trip to the Bahamas, or for a relaxing day at the spa, or for that expensive watch you always wanted. So, when you set up a goal, make sure it is anything but money, because money alone isn’t what you want. What are you going to trade your money for? Is it to go to make a cruise once a year? Than make that your goal. Is it to buy you that dreamhouse you want? Than make that your goal.

To have the right goal setting is very important! The right goals will keep you busting your ass even when you’re having a hard time. You can create a moodboard with your goals on it, so when times are tough, you can look at it to get inspired by your own goals. I’ve created a moodboard and I have it on my laptop, so when I have a set back, I can look at it to get inspired again.
I like to write down everything in a notebook. On the front page of the notebooks I use, I stick a photo of my girlfriend and me at a nice place (for example when we were on holiday or having a gala), so I can look at us before opening my notebook to the page where I need to be. This is my instant motivation, because all I want for us is to enjoy the time we have together, anywhere we’d like too.

What goals do you have right now? What would you like to achieve and what would need to happen to make that possible!

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