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During a global pandemic:

  • The biggest brands and companies asked for bankruptcy, let personnel go or closed down stores.
  • Individuals join their forces to fool the big money on Wall Street.
  • Millions of people looking for other opportunities to earn an extra source of income.

Just a hand-full of messages:
Lufthansa skips 22.000 jobs. lays off 25% of her staff.
Victoria’s Secret closes 250 stores in North America and Canada.
Inditex (mother company of Zara) wants to close 1.200 brick and mortal stores. In the next 3 years she will invest approx. 1 billion USD in their online platform.
Nike will emphasize e-commerce.
Starbucks will close 400 shops. To serve the customer they will open 300 new shop specialized in ‘carryout and pick-up’ options.
GNC Holdings is filing for bankruptcy. Worldwide more than 7.000 shops will be closed. A possible buyer may come from China.
+ Although re-opened, thousands of Bars & Restaurants, Stores and Companies will go out of business between now and upcoming months.

As we speak:
+ People are spending more money online (19% increase).
+ Online sales of nutrients are growing fast. Popular products are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Probiotics and Protein.
+ Preventive health (nutrients, fitness, mental health) is an ever-growing market
+ 79 million people are going to start a home-based business in the next 5 years (source: Forbes Magazine).

Would it be smart to look at an International
Home-Based Business Opportunity?” 

An international business opportunity:

+ Launch your business online throughout Europe, the United States and the GCC Countries.
+ In a billion dollar market that is growing very fast, without the need to have any stock!
+ Have remaining low costs while your profits increase.
Use best practices such as ‘try before you buy’ and ‘drop shipping
+ A payment model where you get paid awesome commissions and bonuses!
You decide with whom you work, where you work, when you work and how much you work.

Start while getting the perfect combination of 1:1 coaching and group coaching!

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