Let’s blog again!

It’s been awhile! And even though I missed sharing my thoughts and views in a blog with you for a long time, I am writing you just now. It’s not because of you, not at all. It was all my fault. I kind of made up all of these excuses to NOT share any blogposts, but now I’m here. I’m here to share my point of views, visions, dreams and all the in-betweens that I can’t really describe but want to share anyways!


“Scared as f*ck!”

One of the reasons why I didn’t share any posts earlier was due to my fear of fail miserably. I was scared as fuck to share my story in English, because it isn’t my main language. My main language is Dutch, so when I have to write in English, it sometimes feels uncomfortable and I probably make a lot of minor mistakes which make my sentences a bit more strange than they already would be when I would share them as they have to be.
For those who see a lot of mistakes, well, I ain’t perfect and I don’t tend to be. Me is me and you is you, and as long as we accept our flaws and the flaws of other people, life will be so much less complicated.


“No time!”

Another sleezy, cheesy, no-skin-in-the-game comment of mine was that I had no time. Like, how the heck don’t you have time to write about the views and stories you like to share if you want to share them anyways?! So one evening, when an appointment skipped on me, I decided to be brave and write this thing down. And while doing it still feeling uncomfortable.


Sometimes you have to do the uncomfortable to get comfortable with it.


“Nobody will like it!”

Another fear of mine is that nobody will like my content. But then again, we have over 7 billion people on this world and over 3 billion people has got a WiFi-connection… Somebody got to love what I share or at least recognize it…. Right?! Exactly, that’s what I’m saying. So I just have to do it. And as long as I like doing it, it’s another thing to keep me off the streets!


“Just do it!”

Another reason that I blog again is because my girl told me to do this. She says so because she knows I like doing it, but didn’t blog earlier due to the wrong reasons. And when she says I got to do something, most of the times it’s best to listen to her, especially when it’s actually a good idea…. Otherwise I’ll hear this for the rest of my life, haha!


So here I am, the day I become 27 years old I’m writing this blog post as an introduction and announcement that I’m going to write content again! I’m going to share all of the things I come across in my life. Some of it will be really good and very lovely to read, but I will also share the less nice things, because in the las 27 years of my life, I have accepted the fact that life ain’t easy on anybody, life ain’t fair on anybody and life ain’t good all of the times. I also learned that no matter how bad of a situation you come across, there’s always a small, tiny light at the end of the tunnel. And when there isn’t you just light a candle yourself!

This is me. This is Semir. I love to introduce myself in the following posts on my blog. Hope to see you there!


Doei!  (Dutch for “Bye!”)


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