Lifestyle Program

Together you’ll get better! Feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired? Don’t want to feel embarrassed by your weight anymore? Let’s make that change!

Daniëlle and I simply love to eat! I love eating so much it got my weight over 90KG’s and counting back in the days!
When I got overweight I felt ashamed of my body. I didn’t dare to go to any swim party, didn’t wear fancy clothes because they didn’t fit me and I didn’t like going on any pictures, because I didn’t like this version of me.

In 2018 I decided to make a change. Instead of following any crash diets, non-sugar diets, points counting diets and whatsoever kind of diets, I decided to change my whole lifestyle. I wanted to be able to wear the clothes that I like, making selfies and pictures and going out with my girl and friends!

Since I don’t like doing any kind of sport -especially going to the gym when I was overweight, feeling like everybody looked at me-, I changed my lifestyle by eating differently and doing home-bound exercises. This made me lose fat, not muscle, and I weighted 10KG’s less within 2 months in a healthy way. One year later, I maintain my weight and feel healthy, energetic and enjoy the lifestyle I’ve given myself.

Nowadays I treat myself by going out for dinner, going to events with friends and make the most fantastic photo’s with them!

Interested in changing your lifestyle without failing any other diet program? We could do this online if your European or USA bound.

Send me a message through the contact form and I’ll message you back as soon as possible!