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Mindset can be a Bitch

Damn, mindset can be such a bitch! I try to do my best to stay positive, yet, today I had a few rejections and so I felt bad. I felt bad because I took the rejection personal. I thought that the rejection from my prospects were a rejection to me, Semir, as a person. My mindset is already a pro in taking rejections, but today they got to me… My mindset let me down. I was becoming the bitch of my mindset!


How I set my Mindset.

When I was in my early twenties, I launched a company with a partner. When we made a proposal and the proposal got rejected by the other party, I saw money going away instead of coming my way. I also took the rejection very personal, because it felt like the other party didn’t want to work with me. While getting more experienced in making proposals and getting rejections as wel as land new clients, I became more used to the feeling of getting rejected and found of way of not taking it personal. A rejection now meant basically: NO –> Next Opportunity. This way I never had to close a book on any prospect or client. I just closed a small chapter and waited for the new one to open up.


How this rejection still got to me…

Even though I am used, trained or whatever you want to call it, for rejections… Even I have my “weak” moments in where I, as an entrepreneur and person, feel like I want to stay in bed and do nothing. When I have this feeling, like now, I take things very personal very fast. At first I didn’t really recognize this feeling and didn’t do anything about it to change it. Now, after a few years of being an entrepreneur and developing myself as a person, I know there is a way to change this really bad and sad feeling!


Turn that frown upside down!

Nobody likes to feel sad! When I feel rejected or when I’m not up in my energy anymore, I think of all the thinks I do have and become grateful of them. I recently bought new tableware and can be very happy when I think of it. Which may come over like I’m some kind of overly happy elderly lady which is very proud of her china… But if that is how I look when I think of it, I at least don’t look awfully rejected!
Another way to feel more up in my energy is by getting my moodboard and thinking of all the amazing stuff I’m going to accomplish anyway. I don’t depend on one prospect or client. I split up and go to the next opportunity anytime possible, so I’m an independent, overly happy, energetic, young motherf*cker instead of a cheap, sad sheep!


In my Mindset “NO” means..

There are so many opportunities in this amazing world You cannot have only one client. You can have a whole bunch of clients! No simply means next opportunity. So when a prospects says no, just continue to find a new prospect to give a proposal.

Good luck on taking on new clients. Don’t let nobody make you feel blue, rejected or sad.
You got this!


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