Must See Hotspots in Antwerp

Antwerp is one of the vibrant cities where you would never get bored. Around each and every corner you will find something that is surely going to excite, surprise and even amaze you by its charm. There are certain things about the city which you definitely need to know before visiting the place. This city is Belgium’s second biggest city and holds the attraction to major of the country’s creatives and also has a stylish gateway. Everything here has its own charm. I have a history with Antwerp due to my Great Grandmother who was born and lived there. I love Antwerp personally and suggest you visit there when you are in Belgium. Here we share the must see hotspots in Antwerp!

Here are the famous must see hotspots in Antwerp that you must visit:

1. ‘t Eilandje

Quite some years back it used to be a neglected one, however, Eilandje is famous for hipsters and artsy folks. Though those gaudy yachts might not entertain everyone but the small harbor can be said to be a pleasant place where you can dream about stormy seas and other adventures. Just towering above the neighborhood is a MAS museum and it tells you the story of Antwerp.


2. Fashion Museum MoMu

If you think Vogue Magazine is the bible of fashion, then Antwerp can easily be fashion’s Garden of Eden. This city is famous for inspiring young designers from across the globe and its Fashion Academy has also brought some of the biggest names on the Milan as well as New York catwalks.


3. Summer of Antwerp

Not to be missed in the city is Summer of Antwerp. This is one of the biggest feasts that come in the summer and lasts for over two months. At this time, you will find the city gleaming with concerts, theater performances, and circus shows. Summer nights are lighted with the parties and, movies along the river Scheldt. Just drink, dance and enjoy this time.


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4. Café De Muze

This café is famous in the world and has been hot and happening since 1964. Café De Muze is a representation of everything the city stands for ranging from artisans and forgotten writers to upcoming musicians and even those who have already made their way out. This café is the place where you will find a wonderful mix of people. There is a music gig that is held three times a week and this time is used by upcoming brands to test their jazzy beats on the public.


5. The Kloosterstraat

This place is a narrow and crowded one in the south of the city, It is preferred by flaneurs who have a soft spot for antiques. I have been there once with Danielle to shop gift for Christmas for the family. Stores are generally filled with old furniture, collector’s items and also retro gadgets that make for long and slow afternoons in the sun. Whatever you want, you may find here and this place also offers you the things you never knew you wanted. You can find fresh beer in every bar along this street.


6. Ampere Nightclub

This is a must see hotspot in Antwerp and if you are a party animal, this place is not to be forgotten. It is not only located right under the tracks of Antwerp Central Station but is also said to be the first Eco-club in Belgium. An amazing thing here is heat is captured from dancer’s body and it then warms up the building and the dance floor generates that energy which thereby is recycled into electricity. Thus, the heat which is produced by almost 1000 people can generate the energy for a whole week, which thus makes Ampere a self-sufficient place.

Sprawling Antwerp is walkable, but using the city’s public- transport network will save you a lot of time and sweat. Also, with a variety of quirky boutiques and cafes on each street, it’s a delightful place to linger.

So, what’s our story of your visit to Antwerp?



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