Must See Hotspots London Eye

Must See Hotspots in London

If you visit London and skip to see the following five most attractive places, then your tour is incomplete. Make a list of these beautiful must see hotspots in London and tick them by visiting every site. 

These five most attractive places start from Coca-Cola London Eye and limits to the Tower of London. When you make an extrusion tour of London, never forget to attend these prepossessing places. The amazing thing is that when you use London pass, many London milestones are either free of cost to visit or are available at discounted prices. You can use the London map to reach these gorgeous points.

There are also numerous visiting points which are especially chummy for children. Explore the London science museum having many surprising creature’s specimens. Sealife London aquarium is also a nature touching point to see and feel the nature more closely. London’s interactive hub of science and technology must be visited both by adults and children. These points are suitable choices when you are making a family visit.

By visiting the London’s museums, Queen at Buckingham Palace or by capturing a snap with Big Ben you will feel like soak up in the London culture. You need to go in to visit these places.

A list of London’s top attractive visiting points is sketched according to the strength of visitors. So you need to follow this list order wiseley to make a memorable and complete tour of the must see hotspots of London.


  1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Have an ultimate Harry Potter experience by visiting Warner Bros and its studio. You can see the sets, costumes or props used in the shooting of Harry Potter film. The including locations of this movie are also allowed to visit. These locations include the great hall, Dumbledore’s office, and the Hagrid’s hut too.


  1. Buckingham Palace tour

During the summer opening of Buckingham Palace, you can visit the official London residence of Queen. Try to explore the profligate state rooms of Queen’s Palace. In addition to this, don’t miss to see the tremendous astonishing exhibition of this year which is a way to celebrate the 70th birthday of the Prince of Wales.  You can only visit Buckingham Palace from 21st July to 30 September. So adjust a tour during this period.

Must See Hotspots London Tower Bridge

  1. Coca-Cola London Eye

The dominant feature of London’s skyline is considered Coca-Cola London Eye.  Coca-cola London eye swaggers the best views of London; it has 32 capsules, each capsule weighs approximately 10 tons having more than 25 people seated inside. In just 30 minutes you can visit more than 55 surprising landmarks of London. So don’t skip to make an unforgettable view of London.


  1. Hop on hop off bus tour

If you are trying to make a top-selling London tour, book in advance the Hop on Hop bus tickets. By booking a voucher for 24 hours, you can feel the freedom to explore the London’s best points. The hop on hop off tour includes the visit to the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and Trafalgar Square.


  1. Madame Tussauds London

At this place, you will face many famous faces in the world. From showbiz, sport, politics and even royalty, all faces including Shakespeare or Lady Gaga are presented here. You can take pictures with any celebrity so don’t miss the chance to visit this spot.

Don’t miss any of these must see hotspots in London to visit just because of your busy schedule. In case of busy routine, you can book tickets online to avoid any queues. In this way, access to voucher and these visiting points is quite comfortable in London.

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