Must See Hotspots in Maastricht

Situated in the southeast of the Netherlands, Maastricht is also the largest city in the province of Limburg. It has over 120,000 inhabitants and attracts over 3 million tourists every year.

Maastricht has lot to offer from exploring the canals, walking the inner city and eating one of the famous Limburg’s famous pies.

It is one of the most ancient cities in the Netherlands with multicultural influence and many different languages spoken. Also, this city is so close to Belgium that one can take an afternoon stroll to go there.

 Famous places to visit in Maastricht

The moment you enter these caves, it will take you to a huge dome and a Gothic hallway. You can take the help of guides who will tell you about the dark tunnels inside these caves reflecting where people used to stay. The time duration for the tour is about one hour. Don’t forget to bring a warm coat as the temperature below the ground is 10°C. You can also take a bus that stops at a 5 km walk from the entrance.

2.    Vrijthof:

This is a beautiful and largest square in the center of old town in Maastricht with many exotic restaurants and cafes. The square is surrounded by museums, hotels, restaurants, and bars. Many public events are held in Vrijthof such as popular winter festival and a Christmas market . Also, there is a stream of events like fairs, horse events etc.

3.    Centre Ceramique:

This is a beautiful library and a museum which is must visit place in Maastricht. This multifunctional building was designed by Jo Coenen.  Amsterdam also opted this style for the New Amsterdam public library. There are a total of 7 floors. The book collection consists of manuscripts and old prints from the 15th century. Along with this, there is a variety of collections of Japanese prints and natural science instruments and tools.

4.    Dominican church:

This is an ancient church in the city of Maastricht which is now renovated into a modern bookstore. There is also a café inside. Also in the eating area, you can find a long table shaped like a cross. This design has won the Lensvelt de Architect interior prize.  This bookstore is called the “best bookstore in the world”. Thus, this place is no exception when it comes to alluring and innovative designs.

5.    Bonnefantenmuseum:

Founded in 1884, its name is derived from the French word “bonsenfants” (good children). Italian architecture Aldo Rossi designed this building. This museum consists of wooden sculptures from 13th till 16th century. Also, there are many Italian, Dutch and Flemish paintings from the 16th and 17th century. The museum has focused mainly on contemporary art which is exhibited on the second floor.

6.      City Park:

A very nice and quiet place with pretty views, this is the must-visit place for a picnic, chilling with friends and family and walking. This park is in the heart of the city with plenty of seats to sit and relax. There is a spot where D’ Artagnan took his last breath. Now there stands a statue where one can take a picture with it and relax by the lake with lovely fountains.


Though there are endless things to do in Maastricht, it has a lot to offer to us. These travel tips can act as a vital source for every visitor to experience the unforgettable moments around this exotic city. From sightseeing, shopping, and even learning, this city offers something for everyone.


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