Engagement Ring

My Proposal to Daniëlle

The 23rd of December 2020 will always be an important day to Daniëlle and I.
After 5 years of having our first contact -to the day-, I decided to propose to Daniëlle. It was a beautiful and exciting moment, and we’re about to share that moment with you.

The year 2020 was a hard year for everyone, and so it was for us. Besides having a global pandemic, we had issues with the health of both our -Daniëlle as well as mine- brothers. We surely needed a positive break, so in September 2020 I walked up to my mom, explaining her I was looking for a proposal ring for Daniëlle. My mom went excited and so it all begun…

In November 2020 I decided to book a fancy hotel suite for the 23rd of December. Since our first contact was the 23rd of December 2015, this would be a great day, I thought. While calling with the hotel, I arranged that they would buy a big bouquet of flowers and a bottle of good champagne. I remember calling the hotel like three times to check up on them, making sure it would all be perfect for Daniëlle.

A week before we would go to the hotel, our Prime-Minister (Mark Rutte) decided to announce a national lockdown, in where even hotels weren’t allowed to serve food, only in doggy bags for take-away (take-away to the room or elsewhere, but not to be used in the restaurant or lobby of the hotel). While PM Rutte announced this national lockdown, Daniëlle immediately responded that it wouldn’t make any sense to go to the hotel. Little did she know what I arranged and for what purpose we would go to the hotel…

After some struggle she decided to go for it, so the 23rd of December -a Wednesday-, we got in the car early to go en route. We would make a drive over the Afsluitdijk and drove to the hotel. Late afternoon we got to the hotel and she got surprised when she saw the room being decorated and such. She still didn’t know I would propose to her, since she’s already used of me doing such things when we get to a hotel or so.

After getting ourselves a glas of champagne, Daniëlle decided to eat an apple flap (dutch delicacy), while I was unpacking. Daniëlle asked me to unpack a specific bag first, and so I did. As a small surprise, she got me a gift. It was a special cheese slicer, something I wanted for quite a while. She thought it was a great surprise to give me that, and however I tried to be enthusiastic as possible, she could see I was a little tensed. She thought I didn’t really like it, but up to today, I am very happy with her gift! Little did she know I got her a surprise as well…

Our suite - engagement

“You’re kidding me, this isn’t real!” – Daniëlle

While Daniëlle continued eating her apple flap, I took the ring I bought for her, walked her way and proposed. “Honey, do you want to marry me?”, I asked. I had to asked her up to three times, since she didn’t believe what I just did. She never saw my proposal coming and was totally surprised. After hearing yes, we kissed, I gave her the ring and we called our parents with the great news. It was a very pure and beautiful moment. After exactly 5 years after meeting each other, we got engaged.

The next day we got surprised by our families, who were waiting for us to come back home, to celebrate the moment. This engagement would only be a small chapter in our life together, as we were planning our marriage quite fast after engaging. A small ring made a huge difference in our lives. We would love to know if you’re engaged and how you (got) proposed, please let us know through the comments and let’s share experiences!