Plan to Persistence

New Year, New Plan

What do all the big successful entrepreneurs, artists and athletes have in common?
At the end of 2019 I was in bad shape as an entrepreneur. I’ve had few to none result with anything I did and no matter what I did, I didn’t improve my skill set. I kind of lost my persistence and drive. I had to make a change and with a new year there’s a new me!


Since things didn’t go as I wanted them to go, I decided to get help. From someone with an ego as big as my ever expanding forehead, it was very hard to admit to myself I needed the help. After finally admitting I needed the help, I started talking to Daniëlle. We needed a game plan to up our game… To up my game. We decided to sit down with a few successful entrepreneurs to learn what they do and how they do it. This gave us new insights on handling our business.

Daniëlle and I decided to make sure that we would take time to evaluate our past week and plan our upcoming week. Now being in week 2, I already notice that it gives a lot of structure if you already know what to do the upcoming days to make progress. It’s also clear to one another what we got to do to achieve our goals for the week, so we know when one of us is out, what for he or she is out. To get sh*t done what was on week schedule.


Don’t f*ck this up!

Kevin Hart Don't Fuck This UpNetflix got this show from Kevin Hart Don’t F*ck This Up” which, in my opinion, gives an amazing insight in the life of a true entrepreneur. What makes Kevin Hart so inspiring to me is his drive, his persistence and his vision. He works his ass off to continue to improve because he wants to be a billionaire. A billionaire! Most people I know freak out when I say I want to make €100.000,- a month, but he already makes millions a year so now he wants to be a billionaire. It’s all about perspective right?

Since he wants to be a billionaire so bad, he’s traveling all over the place and gets a lot of work done to make sure he gets where he want to be. It doesn’t matter what he does, but it’s all about his why. The reason why he does what he does…

My reason to make it work this year is because I need to secure a safe base for my future family. This means having enough money to buy the needed resources to live a life without having any concerns regarding things such as healthcare, housing, food, study, etc. As long as I can make my family enough money to provide for them, I am a happy man. Therefor, I need to work smart now, to enjoy it later.


It’s about persistence!

Lets get back to the question I started this post with. What do all the big successful entrepreneurs, artists and athletes have in common?
They have a real drive, are persistent, consistent and keep on showing up whether they’re tired or not. They just go for it. So, my advice to me for this year is: just go for it, I can do it and so can you!


Thank you!
– Semir

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