Visionboard 2020

Our visionboard

While a lot of people are talking about a moodboard, I’m specifically using the word “vision” in my visionboard. A lot of people are able to have a mood. That just happens. You either feel good, happy, excited or sad. For the word “vision”, you don’t just get that… You have to create an image of something you want to achieve so you can envision it on a board. Therefor, I’ll share our visionboard with you!


Why a visionboard?

After years of dreaming about what we would love to do in our life, Daniëlle and I still haven’t achieved what we truly want to achieve (read more on goal setting). We switched to many times in what we wanted to do or have. For example, I thought I needed a different car to change my life. Yet we all know a car only isn’t going to change our life. So, we dumped the cars, went to a few events on stuff we like such as vacations and cruises and we searched on the internet how our home should look like. We took the time to develop our phantasy and dreams so we could create images in our head to envision them. Now that we created this visionboard, we know what we want to achieve. We can work on our goals together and once we get distracted, we can check our moodboard to get back on track again! We got to be strict on our time-management.


Visionboard look

What to put on a visionboard?

We decided to keep our visionboard quite simple, since we first want to focus on the basics. So about the themes we choose:

  • Cruise, this will speak for itself. We want to go on a cruise since Daniëlle already been on a few and I haven’t. We want to start with a cruise for 7-11 days on the mediterranean sea. If we like this, we’ll go on many more!
  • Reizen (Travel), because we also like to travel through Europe, the USA and maybe more. But since we’re both not THAT much adventurious, we’ll see what we’ll encounter one tript at a time.
  • Diploma (Graduation),Daniëlle wants to complete her study successfully this year so we can celebrate her graduation and finish the student-lifestyle.
  • Geluk (Happiness), because it doesn’t matter what’s going on. As long as your happy, it’s all okay!
  • Vrijheid (Freedom), so we can do what we want, where we want and when we want. My ultimate example for this is: When you wake up in the morning and you look outside, you see the weather is grey. You hate the grey and sad weather, so you get dressed, take your backpack with a few personal things and go to the airport. You see a plane leaving in just an hour to Belize and decide to get a first class ticket, check in and go to Belize, where the sun will welcome you. A few hours later your enjoying a beach bum and slutty-named juice with a look out on the sea! 
  • Home, because we want to buy a home and make sure it’s just as we (mostly Daniëlle, I only need a big-ass kitchen) want!
  • Family, which is everyone you want them to be! Family is the people you surround yourself with and who help you up. But Daniëlle and I also would love to extend the family one day with children. Well, not before the cruise if that’s possible, but as long as we’re happy….


What time you take for your visionboard?

“A dream without a plan is just a wish”- Tony Robbins.
We want to fulfil our visionboard within the next 5 years. So from 2020 to 2025 we’ll be working on whatever we need to work on to fix our visionboard. We like to thank the people who inspired us to create a visionboard and we already want to thank the people who make sure we will stay on course to get on our cruise and achieve the rest!

What are your plans for the next 5 years? Do you have a dream or do you work with a plan? Please share your insights with us! 😀


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