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Starter Tips on Time Management

Are you finding it difficult to manage time for completing all your tasks? Do you feel that you are running out of time? Are you over burdened with too many tasks to be completed in too less time? Do you feel if the days were longer then you would have been more successful?

We know that time is the most valuable asset. So, here we are with the most effective time management tips to help you save some hours to get your important pending tasks done. They are:

Set your Goals – You need to pen down all important targets which you desire to achieve, be that in a particular day or in that particular week. Having clear cut goals help us save those extra hours which we waste in thinking which course to follow, as it defines a path and all we require is to effectively walk on that.

80-20 Rule – Apply this 80-20 Pareto Rule while managing your time. Monitor all your activities and mark those tasks which require 20% of your effort and can fetch you 80% results. Make those tasks your topmost priority.

Plan your day – Make a habit of scheduling all the tasks of your next day before going to bed. This will generate a clear cut road map for you to follow without wasting even a single minute thinking what to do next.

Categorize your Day – There are some brain teasing activities which require you to put a lot of brain and these tasks often end up consuming most of your time and energy. Try to schedule such tasks in the morning hours, as that is the time your day has just started, so your brain is most active during that time and will work faster, thus help you in saving some time.

Audit your schedule – Mere planning and scheduling is not effective. Auditing the whole plan, after implementing it, help us in eliminating those undesired activities and thus, updating our whole To Do list. Some things are better understood practically, time management is one such art. Time bound audits will help us in improving our efficiency. Working smart is better than working hard.

Sleep well and exercise РJust like you refuel your car and charge the battery of your gadgets, in the same way your mind too needs to get charged by taking a good sleep and get refueled by eating healthy food. If your mind rests well then it can even complete lengthy tasks in a wink. The brain has that power to even find out the most difficult solution in a fraction of seconds but only if it is applied in the right direction. For attaining this, all you need is 6-8 hours of sound sleep and healthy food to provide nutrition to your brain and overall body. After all, a healthy mind lies in a healthy body. So, take care of yourself.

Time once lost is lost forever. To be a successful entrepreneur, all you require is effective time management. We hope that the above tips will surely help you achieve that. Do you currently use any of the tips above or do you have other tips to share with other readers?


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