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Tips for better time management

Isn’t time management essential in every walk/sphere of life? Indeed, it is. Whether you are a teacher, student, doctor, engineer or entrepreneur, it has its own importance. Effective goal setting with effective time management is a big equalizer. Once time is lost it can’t be regained. It has a dimension that has affected your past, molding your present and future.

Time and money go hand in hand. For eg: the farmer has time to grow a crop. A bird gets its food in one season and then eats in another. A student has time for his/her studies for a year. And in that time, one has to be fruitful.

Let’s look at some of the time management tips –

1. Prioritize

Set aside time for personal and family. As there are 4 quadrants of the time management system, focus on below-mentioned points and save time and energy.
1. Urgent or important tasks
2. Not-urgent-but-important
3. Urgent and important
4. Neither urgent not important
As time management is the need of the hour- it is imperative to follow the 4 quadrants.

2. Have a weekly plan

On Sunday, when you are free from all burdens, you can plan a week in advance. Let the creative energies flow in the middle of the week when you are most productive. You can plan like this: low-key priority tasks on Mondays. Creative and difficult tasks on Tuesday and Wednesday. Plan meetings for Thursday when your team’s energy starts to reduce and Fridays for networking.

3. Avoid distractions

Whether it’s Netflix, binge-watching, surfing social media- you need to avoid all these to maximize time. If you don’t care about time well, you will have to face serious repercussions in the times to come.

Schedule email reading time too often. As these obstruct the thought flow and act as a hindrance in doing the tougher tasks of the day. For example: If you are a student- and you have to focus on studies; avoid watching TV. Using phone is also a deterrent when it comes to focusing on the work.

4. Most important tasks

Do them first in the early morning and see the results. What did you get done? Tackle the biggest list of the works that you have to do in the morning. Time management becomes extremely essential in this day and age.

5. Delegate often

We all have 24 hours in a day and we all have the same time. But few people do more in less time as they know how to delegate their work and responsibilities. This way potential could be more and time management can be more productive.

6. Take frequent breaks

Keep your mental and emotional state hearty and healthy by taking frequent breaks of 15 minutes after every hour. It will help your energies revive and recuperate. Time management will let you reach your goals effectively.

7. Create to-do lists

Make a list for the next day. Whether you have a meeting or appointment with someone or a doctor visit is pending etc. Whatever the issue, create a to-do list to capture the day with extreme confidence. Good time management will let you focus on the important tasks and will reward you with great results.

8. Social media alerts do not help

Turn the social media alerts off at any cost. They are whiling away your valuable time. When you do this, you do a great favor to yourself. Every notification saying what’s happening with your friends takes a toll on you.

9. Time audit

You can easily audit your time by knowing what task takes how much time? For eg: with my app calendar and toggle you can track time and come to know what’s stealing your time. You can adjust the time easily with the new technology. With new inventions and applications, it is easy to track your precious time.

10. Set a time limit

Suppose you want to write an article and you keep aside one and a half hour for that. That becomes a habit and you can focus your energy, time and resources on one task at hand. This is a very good technique. For eg: you put a time limit of studying one chapter of social studies in two hours, then it becomes a habit.

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Time is money. Also, reach your goals with effective time-setting. Whether you are of any religion, caste, gender, rich or poor- your time is the same. So, it’s not an overnight thing learning how to manage your time well. But when you do plan your time, it will fetch you returns in future.

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