Tips for Writing an Effective SEO Article

If you want to increase the visibility of your web page and keep getting more and more traffic for your posts, the best way is to make them SEO friendly. SEO optimized articles and blogs are really important for the social media management. SEO article as a whole play a substantial role in engaging more of the audiences to your business by giving it the required visibility on various search engines.

Writing a good SEO optimized article requires some skills to make the article interesting and easy to read.


So, let’s see the various result- driven tips to write an SEO article.


1. Finding the right keywords

Every online search begins with keywords. Before beginning with the drafting of the content, make sure you have a list of right keywords that could be used in your writings. This gives the opportunity to let the online audiences find you through those keywords.

Hence, before proceeding with the writing, you should complete your research work and prepare the list of right keywords. These keywords contribute towards increasing your visibility on various search engines.


2. Keyword density

Once you have prepared with your keywords list, add them promptly in your SEO article. For making your article well equipped with the keywords stuffing, it is important to add them according to the prescribed density.

Keyword density is defined as the percentage of the number of times the keyword is used in an article to the ratio of the total number of words in the article. The recommended keyword density is 0.5-2.5%. Therefore, make sure the article is not overstuffed or scarce with keywords.


3. Know the basics of technical SEO

SEO is the deciding factor that gives you the idea of your sustainability in the market. But, there are some technical things that you should know if you don’t want to waste your time writing really good content that nobody will see.

Before creating a good SEO optimized article, the technical basics of SEO such as links, plagiarism free content should be kept in mind. This will help in getting a higher rank with greater visibility to your article.


4. Internal Linking

To make your content rank higher on various search engines, you need to have relevant links to it. Through these links, a search engine can easily find you and give your article a good rank on its portal.
Having a series of good and relevant internal links helps the search engines to crawl your website. It plays an active role in contributing to add more visibility of your presence on search engines.


5. Keyword-rich title

Titles bring the first impression to the readers. While creating a title for your blog, it is important to create an accurate, sensible title that can easily grab your reader’s attention.
Ideally, a good title consists of keywords that help in making the article identified at first place by the online audiences. However, it is suggested that keyword should not be stuffed vaguely in the title and adding the keyword should bring meaning to it.


6. Meta description

The Meta description could be defined as crisp and relevant snippet description of the web page content. It has to be not more than 160 words.
These words are decided by SEO guidelines and they help in adding general introduction of the information of the content. This helps in giving readers, an overview of the whole content and helps them to understand the concept of writing.

For achieving a good SEO rank on various search engines, it is essential to write a good, keyword optimized Meta description to your SEO article.


7. Right images

Another tip to make your article SEO- friendly is to use the right images in your article. A good SEO article comprises of relevant images that brings more attention to readers by adding a visual component to it.

Always make sure to give a descriptive content with the image too. It will further add more visibility to your content with a better SEO ranking.


When you publish an article, it does not mean that Google will automatically find it and rank it to the first place. For this, you need to apply some specific SEO principles. These techniques are simple to use and are having a high potential.

With a greater credibility of bringing traffic to your article, these tips give you an opportunity to stay on top of various search engines with a great ease! Find more tips on how to start a blog successfully here!

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