Tips on using your Calendar

Do you find your super hectic and busy schedule difficult to manage? Need some tools to help you manage your engagements and set reminders? Are you looking for some tips to smartly manage your calendar?

Even if you own a secretary or personal assistent to manage all your meetings, you still need that personal calendar for yourself. Never let anyone own your schedule. This is a MANTRA for great success.

We are here with the most effective calendar management tips to help you manage all your engagements and at the same time keeping your calendar neat and meaningful.

Commitment- Commit to one calendar. Be that a paper calendar or some calendar app and feed all your data in that. Don’t keep too many calendars, as it will be difficult for you to refer to different calendars for different tasks and half of your time will get killed in deciding which calendar to refer to.

Back up– Always keep a back up of your calendar. Your schedules are something you can’t afford to lose and so is your calendar data. If you are using electronic calendar then this is pretty easy to back up all your calendar data online using various cloud computing techniques. However, if you are using a paper calendar then always keep a photo copy in reach.

Schedule- Divide time slots for your personal and needed activities such as having lunch, doing exercises, taking power naps, quality time with family, etc. These are some of the important activities that you generally tend to ignore when you’re launching a new business or leading one. These time slots help you to manage the rest of your calendar activities effectively. First give the daily activities their time slot and then give space to your day to day meetings.

Block- Block your time for reading the mail box, making important calls, auditing the office work, managing some group meetings, etc. If you keep responding to every incoming email at any given time, you will most likely be in your mailbox instead of doing important calls, having important meetings or just get your work done.

Optimize- Optimize time for different meetings such as 15 minute meetings, 30 minute meetings and so on, so that you are sure not to devote any extra minute anywhere. Don’t ever get in a meeting without an end time. Even if you save 10 minutes by doing this, then too it’s a lot of time saved and you better know this. For example: in 10 minutes you could have a life-changing phone call or reply to multiple emails.

Split time– Time management is very important for effective calendar management. Suppose you are marking an hour time for attending video calls, then further split it into sections of 10 minutes each, so that you can handle maximum calls in a limited time.

Separate To Do list- Try to keep your To Do list separate from your overall calendar because a To Do list is something you often need to refer to, just to analyze your performance. Mixed with the day to day activity data, it becomes difficult to analyze progress so it’s always recommended to have a separate To Do list.

Travel smart- If you have outdoor meetings, do keep in mind how much travel time you require. Act smart by adding it to your overall meeting time, so that it won’t clash with your other engagements.

We hope that the above tips will surely help you manage your calendar effectively. Just go and make one right now!

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