Tips to Choose a Good Business Hotel

Are you an entrepreneur, or a businessman, who is always on the go to attend business meetings and conferences? Who better than you would understand the pain of choosing the right business hotel for your stay? The thing about hotels is, if you choose the perfect one, you get a ‘home away from home’ experience. But if you end up choosing the wrong one, it makes your stay uncomfortable and your mood cringy! After all, business trips are supposed to be mixed with pleasure.

Choosing a good hotel for your Business trip is one of the best travel tips. So here is a quick guide to help you choose the right hotel:


1. Sort your priorities

This might sound really simple, but sorting your priorities is of utmost importance before you set out to choose the best business hotel. Unless and until you have a clear idea about the things needed, you will end up wasting time skimming through the numerous websites. Make a check-list which will help you to plan everything systematically.


2. Research is the key

When it comes to business hotels you have to consider a lot of parameters. For this, a detailed research is imperative. Ask your colleagues, scroll through the internet and acquire as much information as you can.


3. Lookout for reviews

Carefully read and analyze the reviews written by the customers. Filter the reviews as per your needs and requirements. Pay attention to the negative reviews. If there is a common problem addressed by multiple customers, take it into serious consideration. Also, do not miss the dates on which the reviews were posted, as services keep changing along with the time.


4. Location

During a business travel, the location of your hotel matters a lot. When you have important stuff to do, you simply can’t waste time in commuting. Make sure the hotel you choose is in close proximity to the office, conference hall or the client you are going to meet.


5. Safety and security

When you are staying at a hotel, it is needless to say that safety and security would be your primary concern. Make sure the hotel you choose is well equipped with effective security measures to take care of you as well as your belongings.


6. Food facilities

During a business trip, you may want to meet clients over a cup of coffee or catch up for cocktail and dinner to have a casual meeting. Thus, a hotel that has in-house cafes, restaurants, and bars is always preferable.


7. Free unlimited Wi-Fi

This is undoubtedly one of the most crucial criteria to consider. Imagine you are working on something important and the speed of the internet is lousy! So, do not forget to inquire about the speed of the internet connection.


8. Meeting rooms

If you find hotels that are well equipped with meeting rooms, it is a boon for you. It will save your time and energy which you would otherwise spend on finding a good space for meetings and discussions.


9. Thoughtful additions

No matter how well you plan your trip; there will always be something you forget. A good hotel will have a thoughtful hospitality service, which will not only take care of your stay but will provide you with utilities like mobile chargers, laptop chargers, tea kettles etc. in case you forget to carry the same.


10. Basic amenities

Some hotels charge you excessively for basic amenities like breakfast, parking, and air conditioning. It is always economical to go for the ones that don’t charge much for these especially if you are having a longer stay.


11. Other in-room amenities

If you are planning to have longer stays, check if the hotel has amenities like a kitchen, a refrigerator or a microwave within the rooms so that you can cook your own fresh meals at your convenience.


12. Work with leisure

To combat the work stress and hectic schedules, it is always a pleasure to unwind in a pool or have a light workout at the gym. Go to hotels that offer you the same.


13. Pricing range

Compare prices and choose the best one that suits your budget. Especially when you are going to have longer stays, make sure the prices don’t burn a hole in your pocket!



At the end of the day, a businessman works very hard to maintain his position. He is responsible for the lives of his subordinates along with his foremost priority being his family. Thus, it is only natural for businessmen to seek a medium level of comfort for themselves on the nights they travel for work. So, businessmen should always try to afford themselves a proper hotel room in a travel hotel and have a comfortable stay.


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