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5 Effective ways to Expand your mind

People do exercise to keep their body fit. Your physical appearance is what matters the most to you. When you fail to take care of your body, you might feel dull. But, the mind is not the same. The human mind is one of the most complex information processing systems of all. Your mind has all design features but it also has some weaknesses. So, it is equally important to expand your mind.

Expanding your mind will allow you to get a more comprehensive understanding of reality. You also equip yourself with resources that help achieve your goals and lead a happy life. You will be able to make much better decisions if you expand your mind.

There are many ways to expand your mind. Some of the ways in which you can do so are:

1. Learning

Learning is one of the simplest and effective methods to expand your mind. Just by learning a new skill, you can rewire your brain that too within hours. Learning is actually what your brain does naturally. So, learning is just a process wherein you acquire and store useful information and skills. When you learn, the making of new connections does outweigh the breaking of older ones. Thus, as you learn you expand.

2. Meditation

Meditation has been there for ages. Benefits of Meditation are worldwide famous. Some benefits may be more obvious than others. If you wish to expand your mind, meditation helps you. But these benefits do work only when you practice meditation daily in your life. You cannot expect to see a major change just in a week. Meditation will give you the ability to focus, emotional stability increases and well as there is a reduction in stress level.

3. Meeting New People

Each and every person is different and has his/her own mindset. And also everyone has their unique set of experiences as well knowledge of many years. So, meeting new people get you new experiences. You should look at each other’s expertise and insights thereby to expand your mind. So, what you can do is befriend someone new each week. This will help you share your views, comments as well as beliefs along with others.

4. Listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts

You can learn many things with the use of audiobooks and podcasts. You can easily download new information to your brain while still going on with daily chores. If you go through the 100 books a year your mind would be completely different. So, it is not necessary to always read so many books even some will do. Podcasts are also gaining popularity these days. They are in trend for quite some time. You can easily cover some topics on Podcast that are not easy to research. They also have the same influence on your mind as audiobooks have.

5. Read Philosophy

One of the ways to expand your mind can be to read philosophy. Philosophy is basically a word derived from Greek and also mean ‘love of wisdom’. So, if you love wisdom you never tend to ignore philosophy. Reading philosophy will open your mind towards new thoughts. It also makes you challenge many questions in your life. It also lets you make use of reason. Just because of your capacity to reason this distinguishes you from the animals. Also, in order to expand your mind, you must have that urge to learn to reason. Philosophical inquiry can also entertain deeper thoughts.

So, expanding your mind is not just limited to thinking more. It includes creative thinking along with logical thinking. It wants you to think like a child so that you may learn faster. Expanding would definitely harness the knowledge power.

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