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Ways to achieve Work-life balance

The materialistic world around us has immaterialized the important time we spend we give to our families and ourselves. Work-life balance is an important aspect, that a person should maintain healthy relationships and lifestyle. It is very important for you and people around you, to let them know they are still your priority.

Technology has become advanced enough to engage a person in work round the clock. A call from work is enough to destroy your good family movie date. With this never-ending work, professionals not only hurt their own health but destroys very relationship they work so hard for.

What does it mean to an individual?

For every individual, this balance can have various degrees. It doesn’t necessarily mean giving equal time to both work and personal life. The thing which an individual should understand about work-life balance is that one should be present for his/her family in times of need or on birthdays celebrations, family outings and any other family get together. Achieving this balance means a different thing for every individual. Even for an individual, it varies from time to time. It changes as one enters from one life stage such as being single to another life stage such as married.

Why is it important?

We must also realize that achieving this is important to be satisfied in both personal and work area. An individual often takes the support of family for granted and hence start giving preference to work-life. But, it eventually tips the balance towards work life and separates the individual from family; even if not physically but emotional detachment can be evident after a while.

To stop any of this from happening, an individual must understand that his/her responsibility in both ways – personal and professional. He must carefully handle the conflict between work and personal commitment.

Work-life balance has become crucial in today’s technological era because now work is not limited to the workplace. An individual is connected to work 24 hours with the help of laptops and other devices but all this whilst being disconnected to personal life. Other than such direct effects, there can be effects like an increase in stress level, unhealthy relationship with co-workers and family members, an increase in absenteeism and decrease in productivity. For all these reasons it also becomes important on the part of organizations to help to achieve it.

How to achieve it?

Work-life balance is a very subjective aspect but we suggest a few broad guidelines that may help you with its achievement.

  • List the tasks you need to get done in both the areas of life and prioritize them in order of importance.
  • Leave aside the tasks which are not important and doesn’t fit in your priority schedule of the day.
  • Another thing which is very important is to define success for each task so that you can compare at the end of the day with the benchmarks you decided.
  • If you want to squeeze in any new activity in your schedule do it gradually.
  • While spending your time with your family, you can even keep technology aside when you are spending some time with yourself.
  • You must also realize that along with the time you give to your family, work, and other things, you must also take time out for your health and yourself.

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